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April 12, 2011 - Letter from MMB to Legislators

September 1, 2010 - Allegations that state employees are paid more than private sector employees are false. Recent campaign rhetoric and stories in the media make claims that state employees are paid more than those doing similar work in the private sector. A candidate has claimed that the state’s deficit budget could be mostly eliminated if state employees were paid less. Such false claims fail to provide details that can be validated and fuel the public misperception that the deficit is caused by public employment. Real leadership engages in discussion and works to resolve problems (like the state budget deficit) based on factual information. Even if there were no state employees serving the executive branch, a very small percentage of the state’s budget (2-4 percent) would be affected.  Obviously, the state’s deficit stems from other funding problems; in fact, state employees are usually paid less than the cost of contracting out their services. Hiring more state employees and contracting out less work would save the state money. The private sector relies on the state to provide an infrastructure so that it can succeed. For accurate facts go to:  Comparing Public Employment & Private Employment.

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